What is it about Mondays?

Seriously, Monday sucked.

Not because it was laundry day. Although, that was likely a factor.
It was one of those rare days when I had planned to do the grown up chores that I really needed to get done. Ya know, like: What the hell to have for dinner this week so we don’t blow the paycheck (again) ordering in because it’s easier and faster than trying to cook a frozen pork roast. Oh, like make a grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner. Ugh, and the calls & emails that I never have time to do. And do the stupid laundry.
Laundry Day used to happen every other weekend & was basically an all day family torture session in the laundromat. Now our building has it’s own laundry & the room is next door to our apartment. Which means I now do it one day a week. Really, it shouldn’t take THAT long. I SHOULD be able to do a few other things like making lists & notes & deleting photos at the same time. And also be hangin with the kiddos.
Come on, I’m a multi-tasking mommy! I got this.
Right. And we should all be eating our green leafy veggies & getting 8 hours of sleep every night too. Let’s be honest, when pigs fly out my butt I’ll know that any of that other shit might start happening.
I know, I know… Life of a mom. Life with toddlers. Life in damn general. Sidetracks pop up & plans get changed. No biggie. 
But I was determined. Determined to GET THINGS DONE.
And so I got frustrated. Frustrated that my daughter was being super clingy. Frustrated that my son wanted to stand on everything in the house that was not the floor. Frustrated that I couldn’t look down at my list for 30 seconds, literally, without hearing some scream or cry or crash.
Frustrated that I couldn’t make them understand why mommy needed a little cooperation.
Frustrated that even if I shouted GET OFF THE TABLE or STOP LEAPING FROM CHAIR TO CHAIR – no one was listening.
The more I got frustrated, the pain in my back & neck started to pound. Aside from hurting, the pain really made me upset, because I’d been feeling so much better…
The more upset I got, the harder they worked to get me to give in to kid life. To let my plans go & just roll with it. I even posted about how that’s what the Universe was telling me & yet… I barreled along ALL DAY, frustrated. Honestly, mad at my kids. 
By the time my husband got home I was fed up & done with everyone & everything & told him so. The laundry wasn’t really dry & was piled up unfolded on the bed. There was nothing ready for dinner & we had to scramble to decide what he could make, because I had to run away & hide in the yoga room.
Even after 90 minutes of intensely hot yoga, I still came home frustrated. But by then it was more because I couldn’t resolve why it had all gone so badly all day.
Not until the kids were in bed & I was again raving to hubs about my crappy day did I actually stumble on the truth. I mean stumble – I honestly didn’t see it until the words magically flew out of my mouth.
Really, it was all my fault. I said this out loud & a wave of calm finally came.
The kids just wanted Mommy’s attention. If I had stopped being pigheaded and acknowledged that this day wasn’t going to go as planned the whole day could have been better – for everyone.
It seems so easy. I had acknowledged it earlier in the day, but I didn’t listen even when I was saying it myself. So there it is. Mommy needs to use her listening ears too! 

One thought on “What is it about Mondays?

  1. Ahhh, yes I've had those moments too. When the light bulb goes off.

    Fortunately tomorrow can be different – and it always is (except you still might have to deal with that laundry.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely week.


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