Here’s Looking at You Kiddo

My friend Amy had her baby! A few weeks ago I shared my wishes for her & all new moms in a Wishing Well for Amy.

Now that her preciously little one is here, I thought I’d follow up with these wishes I wrote for the baby. As it happens, they are the same ones I have for my kids & for all children. Everywhere.

I hope you love… deeply, with an open heart and an open mind. Remember to love yourself the same way. 

I hope you learn… to do your own laundry by the time you’re eleven. And I mean properly, not just how to work the machines (but ruin the clothes). Seriously, it’s a pretty crucial thing in life and your parents will be grateful. 
I hope you get… to explore and have adventures. Whether they take you across the world, the country, or just your own backyard. Nothing better than a proper adventure, and they come along pretty often if you keep your eyes open. 

I hope you become…
the very best person you can be. Whatever & whomever that is. I hope you are the most amazing version of You that you can imagine. 
I hope you ignore… any naysayers, bullies, or anyone who ever tries to hold you down, squash your dreams or otherwise break your heart. 
I hope you aren’t afraid… to fail, to ask for help, or be vulnerable. Those who do the impossible rarely achieve it the first time and they do not ever do it alone. 
I hope you grow… to appreciate those things you don’t like, be they foods, music, movies, or other people and their opinions. It is so important to try new things & be open to all viewpoints. And then if you disagree, do so respectfully. Such common courtesy is often overlooked these days. A little kindness will always get you far. 
I hope you laugh… often and with a full heart. Laugh until the tears stream down your face, and laugh even when you’ve already been crying.
I hope you remember… you are extraordinary. No matter what you do or who you become.
You are loved. By so many – both near and far far away.

4 thoughts on “Here’s Looking at You Kiddo

  1. I absolutely LOVE this. I wrote something very similar for Jaelyn's memory book. The laughing and loving are my favorite. I wish well for my children but I hope they laugh and love hard, like I do. It's very important to me.

    This was an amazing piece and it gave me the good feels. Thank you for sharing it!


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