Sunday Confessions: First Love

…You were my first love  
And you’ll be my last love 
I’ll be true to you… 
Ever since More Than Cheese And Beer posted this week’s confession prompt, I’ve been trying to figure out who I would consider my “first love.”
Surely not Steven, my 1st grade beau. He may have gotten the inaugural kiss, but I can’t say I loved him. 
So I mentally scrolled through the years, recalling heady days when love was budding & coming to blossom. Memories replayed like home movies, each love story flickering in my mind to it’s own soundtrack. 
The more I thought about those young loves the louder the music seemed to play. 
Eventually the music brought me around to a montage of family camping trips. Love of family? Could that qualify as a first love? 

Maybe one of my favorite singers from my childhood? John Denver & Jimmy Buffett both hold a piece of my heart from an early age. 
And that’s when it hit me: My real first love is Music
I know it’s such a trite thing to say, but my life is like a movie. Just like a film, there is a continuous soundtrack. Literally. It would seem every memory I have is attached to a song. The songs evoking the memories, which reminds me of another song. 

But it’s not just those “flashback” moments that are filled with music. Only Friday I had to explain to the therapist setting my broken hand that when I’m in pain or afraid I actually hum “a happy tune” so that I won’t feel so sad! Can anyone else hear Deborah Kerr in their heads right now? 
Ask anyone who’s gone to a playground with me & you’d learn my entire life I have sung “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” whenever I sat on a swing or rode on a carnival ride that took me up in the air. Up to the atmosphere! Up where the air is clear!
Let’s not even get started on all the random little ditties we make up every day. I’m forever changing the lyrics to songs my kids already know. Or sometimes a silly tonal pattern I’ve made up will stick & we have a new family song. Add in the theme songs my kids hum, the rhythmic sounds of NYC outside our window…  the list goes on & on. 
Although I will never be any kind of musician, I will always be true to my dulcet darling, Music
My Endless Love.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Confessions: First Love

  1. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! You seriously sing Let's Go Fly a Kite when you swing too?!?! Omg, I never even thought about anyone else doing that but me before, never ever in a million billion years…and then here you are, doing it too! That's SO crazy!


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