13 Reasons I’m Lucky I Broke My Left Hand

A #Crowdsourced List compiled from my Facebook Page

13. #LeftyWasAlwaysUselessAnyway – seriously I’m uber right-handed. The left is there for aesthetic purposes only

12. Be happy its lefty. Now you have THAT much longer to wait until you find out how hard it is to wipe your tushy with your left hand
Natalie Arizmendi

11. Perfect reason to slow down the hectic pace of life.
Imperfect Mom Chronicles  
10. Teachable moment about running in the house. At least that was my Dad’s first comment – “Maybe you shouldn’t be running through the apartment?”

9. Can you hear the sound of my one handed clapping at you acting like a dingus with two working hands?
Raincloud Murphy 

8. Once the pain reduces a bit, you got yourself a fantastic bitchslapper.
Melissa Liddon 
7. Reaffirms my theme song “I haven’t got time for the pain

6. Someplace to rest a plate. #alwaysawesome #becausefood
Tera Johns

5. Perfect excuse to get out of “stuff”.  “Oh, you want me to attend some sort of social gathering? Sorry. Can’t. Hand is broke.”
Chasity Conley 

4. One step closer to finding my “unbreakable” nemesis

3. Built in super ninja self defense weapon. #hiyah 
Tera Johns 

2. One word: Percocet


1. There are dishes in the sink? *raises left hand* sorry someone else’s problem right now can’t wash with 1 hand. (This works for bath time too!)

Jill Grant O’Neil 

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