How to get Five Minutes of Peace

All I wanted to have was 5 minutes of peace. I figured I’d run out to the laundry room & empty the dryers quickly & more importantly, ALONE.

As I’m getting the laundry out of the dryer. Girl pops her head around the corner & asks to help.
Ok, fine… Thank you.  
Then Boy comes out and asks to help too.
*Sigh* Yep, go for it. 

Both are working away when Girl pulls out several socks & a pair of my undies. As she held them over the basket she tilts her head, looks back at her brother and says in her robot voice:


Naturally, Boy starts giggling.

Encouraged, she keeps it up, & he must join in the hilarity. With every handful of clothes, regardless of what they are, each kid is shouting UN-DER-PANTS!

I admit, even I was giggling.

Five minutes of peace.

Often what you’re looking for is close at hand. Sometimes even closer than you think.
Sometimes you’ve got it already, you just need the right perspective.


6 thoughts on “How to get Five Minutes of Peace

  1. Peace doesn't always equal quiet, as we so often think in our misguided beliefs, and you prove here with this piece. Peace is more equitable happiness & happiness is a bunch of kids running around giggling over UN-DER-PANTS!


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