Is It Bathtime? (*Frère Jacques)

Is it bath time
Yes! It’s bathtime!
Don’t you run! It WILL be fun!
Won’t you please get naked?
Come, it’s time to get wet!
It will be fun! In the tub!

Time to wash you, time to scrub you!
Up and down, all around.
The soap won’t get in your eyes
If you tilt your head back…

No you won’t! You won’t drown!

Now you’re naked! Wet & naked
Running ’round! Up and down!
Let me dry your hair now!
Yes I’ll do it slowly… Then I’ll comb….
Yes! The comb!
Are you drinking?
Hey! Stop drinking
From the bath? From the bath!
That is soapy water! That is filthy water!
That’s so gross. Oh so gross!
Not that bucket!
Drop THAT bucket!
I said no! Told you NO!
You will throw the water…
Stop splashing the water on the floor!
That’s it! No more!
Water’s draining. Watch – it’s draining –
From the tub! There it goes!
Yes, you must get out now!
Please can you just get out?
Leave the tub.  Bath is done.
Let’s get dressed now, put some clothes on.
Warm & dry. Please don’t cry!
Come it’s time for pjs!
Yes, your favorite pjs! Put them on!
Just put them ON!
This is stressful. Why so stressful…
Every time!? Every. Time. 
You’d think we never bathed them!
Or maybe only bathed them once a month.
Twice at most.

6 thoughts on “Is It Bathtime? (*Frère Jacques)

  1. HA! I love this! We have terrible, horrible bath times and I will be the first to admit my kids get one… maybe two baths a week because I swear bath time is giving me an ulcer.

    Love that you piggyback songs like this – I do that all the time too! Hilarious.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  2. Genius!!!! My kids 5 and 3 still don't get that they have to look up when I rinse their hair to prevent getting the soap in their eyes. I think every time they bend over forwards even further!! OH and scream at the top of their lungs!


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