Why I Remember All Things Wonderful “When I’m with You”

One night, *cough* a decade or more ago, Amy and I sat at my kitchen table drinking frozen strawberry margaritas and throwing out song lyrics that tickled our brains. 

We sang. We told stories. We ran to the interwebs for help when we couldn’t remember what lyrics went to some vaguely remembered video. 

Fast forward to one night when I was playing a version of Name That Tune on my Facebook page. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the name of this song, any lyrics, or the band. I knew the lead singer was in a couple of one hit wonder hair bands. 

That’s all I had, so that’s all I texted my friend with. 

Remarkably, in a matter of minutes, after a few faltering text, she had the band name. Then the song title. 

Relationship shorthand, it’s a beautiful thing, am I right? 

So on one level, “When I’m With You” is a lovely power ballad that evokes heady days of my youth. 

In the grander scheme of things it reminds me of the beautifully random, decades long conversation I’ve been having with dear friend. 

Friendship + Music + Shared Memories = Everything Wonderful

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