If the Super Moon Wakes You up for Silly Games

This morning we played Peek-a-Boo
with our friend the Moon.
My son and I, giggling softly,
wide-eyed in the quiet room.

Mister Moon slid swiftly
across the Western sky
Ducking behind tall buildings –
I’ve never seen him be so spry!

“Hey, Moonie, I still see you!”
My Boy called out in glee.
For while he tried to hid his face,
it shone so bright, impossible not to see.

We whispered to each other,
“Do you think he’s gone?”
“Perhaps the Moon is tucked in bed?”
“Should we sing a nite-nite song?”

Then just as my Boy finished
singing a lunar lullaby,
Man in Moon, that lunatic,
leaped back out into the sky!

We laughed and cheered, “You got us!”
Genuinely, it was quite a trick.
For one who was larger than life
to be so ninja-like and quick!

Delighted, we snuggled up
my little guy and I,
and bid our friend Mister Moon
a super-sized goodbye.

Turning over on our pillows
we sought return to sleep.
Instead, we spied the Sun’s first light
just rising in the East.

They say “it’s always darkest…”
But that’s not always true.
For this morning, at the break of Dawn,
Mister Moon played Peek-A-Boo

Day 14 of NaBloPoMo! Please join me and all my fellows participating in this month-long writing challenge, by following the links to BlogHer and NanoPoblano below.

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