Sensational Gifts for the Fidgety & Fickle

When you find great products, don’t you want to pass along your discoveries? I sure do. 

As the mom of a kid with sensory processing issues, which definitely play a role in his ADHD symptoms, when we find something that is not only tolerated, but works – I want to shout it from the rooftops. 

So, I decided to throw together a quick Gift Guide to highlight some of the products my Boy has fallen in love with over the last year. Hulk Mini Tsum Tsum – What’s great is all the different textures on this little guy, including a suede-like belly, and beanbag mixed with stuffing. Hulkster has taken the place of a stuffed monkey/mini-security blanket my son used for self-soothing.

SHAWE Molecules: Interlocking Building Toys – My son is a builder, if the pieces interlock he’ll work with it. I like this set from SHAWE particularly because the pieces, which are easily manipulated and function equally well as a small fidget, come packaged in the reusable bag. They are lightweight plastic, so as we learned this summer, they also float in a pool. 

Bungee-Chair – A great chair for any kid from school-age to college and beyond. Comfortable, bouncy, compact, and fun. 

A Reversible “Luxury” Blanket  The boy loves a blanket. But the variety of textures, coziness and weight of this particular style of blanket make it his favorite. Large enough to wrap him up burrito-style, but he can still drag it all over the apartment. 

Bombas Kids Socks – These socks changed our world. Up until we bought these, EVERY day my son screamed and cried about putting on socks. Bombas socks are a great product, the company is the bee-knees in customer service, and there’s the bonus of supporting a great mission. 

Tread Bangle Bracelet – So many water bottle, t-shirts and zippers were gnawed to death before we found this fantastic multi-purpose sensory product. It’s a wearable fidget, durable chewelry, and it looks pretty cool. 

Disclosure: I have not been given any products or compensation for these products. I simply believe in each one of them, and that’s enough reason to stand behind them. 

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