Delve and Expound

From a distance what a sight to behold
Intricate stained glass of a soul’s window
The eye takes in the brilliant high color
Of fractured pieces in illusion entire
Lately I’m spending too many nights
Seeking out patterns in random designs
Somehow I just shift my focus and see
There’s logic and structure to erratic things
Each day now devoting increased energy
To sort mental boxes of sordid memories
With strength enough to examine what’s past
Can I salvage a future worth half a damn
I’m patching together filmy swatches of life
Over-stitching obliquely with reason and rhyme
Like the Ancients connecting the dots of the stars
To illuminate myths of the Titans and Gods
So off I go searching deep in the mist
Tracking my lifeline back through a labyrinth
In tracing my path will I stumble on just
Why I constructed a muddled habit like this
what’s to be found delving into the mind
some thing worth the grief or just wasted time
some greater truths on which to expound
or just careless breadcrumbs cast over the ground

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