beauty is in the blurry: Deep Thoughts on Perspective

Some days, no matter how beautifully they begin, it is a struggle to focus.

On such a morning, a stunning purple and pink #SunriseInRebelshire might be discarded because of the blurry silhouette of my NYC skyline.

Tuesday 2-21-17


But why?! Is it a perfect photograph? Perhaps not. Yet the colors are no less beautiful because the image isn’t sharp.

From a different perspective, perhaps it perfectly memorializes the moment, the feeling when you’re just waking. I had, after all, literally just opened my eyes. My first conscious thought was to capture this sky.

So I could claim it was meant to be soft focus, as I implore you to embrace it for what it is.

Maybe I could boast that while it has less in common with a photograph from Alfred Stieglitz and more with a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe, it is intended to be a product of blending their aesthetics.

All of this is, of course, an afterthought. My random musings and justifications for why I’m entitled to share this imperfect reality with you.

Honestly, though, who cares? I’ll send it out into the void because it speaks me, and as I always do, I will hope it speaks to someone else.

If you’ve read this far, please know how glad I am it spoke to you.


Perfectly imperfect

Blurry Silhouette of my NYC Skyline

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