Sensational Dress Ups with Little Adventures

Super heroes with fairy wands and cowboy hats, cat-eared galactic royalty, and the ever popular ninja pirate fairies have all been spotted around these parts over the years. Sometimes they are bouncing in cardboard boats down the roaring rapids of my living room rug, having a tea party picnic under a table fort, or zooming their space scooters from room to room in our apartment.

It’s hardly a secret that my darling Girl is a daring fashion butterfly who pushes the boundaries on everything from seasonal fabrications to mixing up all the genres of make-believe.

A lesser known fact is the often the dramatic play around Rebelshire is, if not intiated by, certainly always in collaboration with my Boy who delights in dressing up. My husband and I used to call him the prop master when he was little, because no matter what we were watching, he would instantly have just the right accessory or costume to role play right along.

Lately, however, finding dress ups for the Boy has been difficult because of his sensory aversions to many fabrics, most tags, and the overall fit of clothes. Where another child might be fine wearing a long sleeve under something a bit scratchy for a short time during play, my son won’t even be able to touch it. Clasps and seams that poke are another common complaint. As a result, time and again I was returning outfits we’d ordered for him, with much disappointment for everyone.

e8707a13-643d-47fe-888d-d3c685fc4497So when Little Adventures offered to send my Rebels some dress ups to put through the paces, we were delighted! As giddy as the kids were looking through the online catalog, I was most excited to find out if their garment quality fabrics could meet the demands of my sensational kiddo.

This time, there was no let down when their package arrived! Inside my young Rebels discovered a purple Bat Cape with a pink hero mask for my super Girl and the Galactic Villain Cloak my Boy had been thrilled to find. All made with fabrics that are soft, stretchy, and truly easy to wear. Easy because they are comfy, and didn’t need me to tie things or make adjustments.

Inspired by the quality, comfort, and affordability of my little Rebels’ new favorite dress ups, I want everyone to have a chance to WIN $30 credit for ANY of the products at

PLUS: Enjoy a #PromoCode for 15% OFF!!  

Use code: lapromo-mos

To Enter for your chance to WIN:

*Click the link to Like and Comment on this photo on Instagram.

*Follow us on Instagram: @motherofserendipity AND @littleadventuresdressups

*Want a Bonus Entry? Share a photo of YOUR little ones in dress ups, or in dramatic play USING all 3 hashtags:

#RebelsDressUp #RedefiningPrincess #LittleAdventures

Contest ended Friday March 31, 2017 at 11:59pm Eastern. Winner announced April 1st, 2017. 

No fooling.

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