Looking for Family Fun and Adventure of Historic Proportions?

I’ve always been a bit more go-with-the-flow when it comes to making plans. Living in New York City helps, since pretty much anything you want to do is within a short journey. Now that the kids are getting older and have more of their own activities crowding the family calendar, I’ve realized I need to get better at planning ahead. I’ve also realized I need to find locations that will appeal to the children’s sense of adventure, as well as my and my husband’s love of history.

ef7ebcc54c0451de6a2bdc9d20475866Given my childhood as Coast Guard officer’s kid, I don’t know why I hadn’t discovered Tuckerton Seaport and Museum before now. Thanks to Joey and the gals at Reality Moms, I’ve not only been introduced to the 40 acres of sustainable living museum on the Jersey Shore,  I’ve become slightly giddy to begin exploring Barnegat Bay.

In fact, looking at the upcoming events I’m chomping at the bit to visit several times in just the next few months. Since Tuckerton is only a few hours away from the City the Hubs and I have decided to buy a family membership. That’s close enough for us to plan day trips as well as weekend getaways.

My girl has been fighting off the creeping crud for the last week, but I’m hopeful she’ll be well enough for us to go see the Easter Bunny at the Egg Hunt next Saturday, April 15th.

Regardless, I’ve got May 6th blocked off, because I know my husband won’t want to miss the TRUCKerton Food Truck & Brew Fest: Porkroll vs Taylorham. Food trucks, craft brews, and live music. Totally worth the cost of admission (although all the festivals at Tuckerton Seaport are FREE if you have a membership).

Don’t tell the kids, but I have plans to go on my own, too. I’m super excited to attend a few of the Lunch & Learn events. The 1st one I’ve got booked is on May 10th, and the topic is Eastern Oysters. I’ve known the oysters used to be a keystone trade in this part of the country, and oyster farmers in Barnegat Bay are now working to restore the once decimated species.

Unfortunately, we already have a dance recital scheduled for June 10th, but I’m hoping we can somehow still get my son out to the Privateers & Pirates Festival. If we can’t work it out, I’m not going to tell him that he’s missing a pirate treasure hunt, plus a pirate ship obstacle course, pirate photo booth, and a craft corner. He loves his sister, but there’s no pirate or privateer who would choose ballet over the call of treasure.

June 24th & 25th just happens to be the weekend before my birthday, and it also just happens to be the weekend of the Baymen’s Seafood & Music Fest.

Coincidence? No, that my friends is what we call Serendipity! Although I’m going to call it a two day party in my honor. How else would you explain 2 days of seafood, music, family fun, and wine tasting? e5fc53f0c85d1c6bd182858aa4c305eb

To see all the fantastic adventures that await you and your family at Tuckerton Seaport this Spring, visit them at http://www.TuckertonSeaport.org.

Whenever you visit, look out for me and the Rebels taking a swing on putting golf course, or maybe exploring the lighthouse!


“This is a sponsored post brought to you by Real Mom Media. The opinions are completely my own based on my personal experience with the product”

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