What Happened when I got my Daily Goodie Box?

When the folks at DailyGoodieBox reached out to see if I’d like to receive one of their boxes in exchange for writing about the overall experience, I was more than willing. After all, I love trying new products, and I’m rarely shy with my opinion. Besides which, this isn’t some exclusive offer just for influencers, bloggers, and social media mavens. DailyGoodieBox lets everyone get in on the fun of testing and reviewing products.

img_1313I was so delighted when I received my very first DailyGoodieBox, I decided to do a live unboxing on Facebook!

What I found inside this little box were 10 different products. Some sample sizes, but most were full sized products, just as you’d purchase them. If you’ve ever gotten free samples in the mail, you realize that was a pleasant surprise.

For example, there was the full-sized tube of Rose Garden Lip Gloss. The color is rich, long-wearing, and has subsequently replaced all my other lip shines and glosses. Check out their range of irresistible shades at True Natural – Benecos Natural Beauty Lip Gloss.

Perhaps my favorite item has been the Wild Foods – Cocotropic, Chocolate Nootropic Drink. I quickly fell in love with this delicious blend of rich Wild Chocolate with reishi mushroom, raw maca powder, mucuna pruriens and Wild Turmeric. Most afternoons I blend just one tablespoon of this with a cup of coffee, a little honey, and some butter for the very best cup of mocha I’ve ever had.

Also included were 6 tubes of Älsa – Energy Drink Mix, which is half a variety pack box. My husband and I both favor the Three Citrus flavor, and have stocked on it for days when coffee isn’t the right answer, but a gentle and refreshing boost of caffeine is still required.

Sure the coconut oil sample from Elemental Herbs – All Good Organic Skin Food was only enough for one application, but since I tried it after a nice relaxing shower, it turned into a luxurious mini-spa treatment.
img_1317The Daily Goodie Box didn’t disappoint in delivering yummy goodies for the tummy, either. There was a Gertrude Hawk – Peanut Butter Meltaway Bar that I regretted sharing with my husband, even if it was our anniversary. And of course a full-sized bag of Miss Jones – Organic Cookie Mix, which provided me the perfect way to celebrate a snow day off of school with the kids: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies.


There was also a full container of Bhakti – Yerba Maté Chai Artisan Tea, which I’ve used to make delightful chia lattes. A Savant Naturals – Savi Crisp Chocolate Protein Bar, and RunGum – Energy Gum, both of which I packed in my husband’s bag for a 10K race.

img_1312I cannot neglect to mention the full-sizeof bag of Pipcorn Mini Popcorn, which I barely managed to get photos of before I gobbled it down

Interested in getting your own box of goodies? Just go to DailyGoodieBox.com and fill out the quick form. You can sign up for free, no cost for shipping, and if you are selected for the month’s box, you’ll receive it in the mail. In return, all they ask is for each recipient to login and provide your feedback on each product. 

If you are like my family, you’ll discover some wonderful brands you’ll wonder how you never knew about, and now won’t want to live without.

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