In the Box was a “Heart of a Warrior”

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A few weeks ago my Girl received her first Disney Princess Pleybox! Like all kids, she LOVES receiving and opening packages – especially mystery boxes! Her Pleybox was filled with so many goodies, she couldn’t believe it!

Opening the bright pink package she discovered not only had the fun arrived, it was full of items featuring the fiercest, feistiest princess of them all: Merida.

To say she was delighted would be a gross understatement. You see, Brave was released the year my daughter was born (my son was 2), and it quickly became a family favorite. So it was hardly surprising when Merida was the first character my girl ever went gaga about.

And let’s be honest, like Merida, my girl is both head-strong and has the #HeartOfAWarrior! Now she has the “most perfect purple” tee to proclaim it boldly. (Yes, she really squeaked, “Oh Mama, it’s the most perfect purple!”)

Every box contains a themed magazine, plus a variety of items from magic wands and crowns, paint sets to figurines. And the box itself is designed to transform into a customizable toy.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time fun surprise, a year long (6 box) subscription, or something in between, I guarantee the Disney Princess Pleybox makes a great gift for your favorite princess.

To CLAIM the next mystery Disney Princess Pley BOX visit —>

Song credit: Fighter and the Kid 3D, The – 01 – Fabulous by Unspecified provided us with the most recent #disneyprincesspleybox in return for our honest reaction and review. 

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