New Hamsters in a House Unlock a Fun Frenzy


When I was little, we always lived in houses. From the days in a rural farmhouse, to the suburbs, to a military base in the heart of New York City, we had a house. Subsequently, we had a LOT of pets. From a pony to bunnies, a goat to hamsters, dogs and fish, cats and even chickens. Pets were a part of my world for 40 years.

Now, I’m raising two kids in a 2 bedroom apartment, in a no-pets-allowed high-rise building in NYC. My husband is the building’s super, so I can’t even think of fudging on the pet restrictions. As much as they ask, and as much as I want to give in, there is no way we are getting any pet anytime in the near or distant future.

Could this be why both my 5yo Girl and my 7yo Boy were instantly drawn to these furry little toys? Or was it Ham and her pal Chip’s charming little faces, or the way they went scurrying about in the hamster-sized playset of Ham’s Burger Diner?

If the kids’ captivation was to be expected, was rather delightful was how much I enjoyed playing with the Hamsters in the recent “Food Frenzy Series 2” release.

From the very first moment I saw them zooming on the little motorized bristles they made me giggle. (Not just because they tickle your hand if you hold them.)

The next thing I knew I was making up voices for Chip and Ham, then rounding up all the small toys to come out and party. Soon the diner was full of Tsum Tsums waiting for their burgers and fries, while Chip zoomed off in his little car to make deliveries to the Calico Critter house on the other side of the living room floor.

Toys that expand as you get more of the sets, like the ZURU Hamsters in a House line does, are always great. With of the modular nature of these particular sets, they can also be taken apart and put back together fairly easily, which allows for more compact storage.

I was equally impressed by how everything about the Hamsters in a House playset sparked our imaginations and invited a variety of ways to play.

What more can I ask for?


*I received both the ZURU Hamsters in a House Ham’s Burger Diner playset and a Movin’ Food Scooter playset in return for my impartial review. All opinions and experiences are my own; I’ve received no further compensation. 

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