How Gives This Mom Peace of Mind

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Every year the Rebels and I journey from New York to Texas to visit my dad. The first year I made the trip with my infant son, it was headache free, because dad had a carseat already installed in his truck when I arrived.

Fast-forward two years, when I made the trip with my infant daughter and 2yo son, plus a stroller, an infant car seat, and all our luggage. We had to change planes. It was a long day for all of us. I navigated our traveling circus safely on my own, but as I struggled to install the second carseat in the truck, a part of my sanity slipped away. I vowed never again.

Oh, I still make the trip solo with the kids, but now we only fly part of the way. To ensure I am ready for vacation, instead of the looney bin, we no longer change planes. Also I no longer haul their carseats from home. Instead we rent a car and booster seats, and drive the extra few hours to my dad’s.

Of course, that means installing unfamiliar car seats in rental cars. This is why has become an amazing resource for our family.

I research different types of cars before I decide what rental to book, and by visiting Car Seat Check  I can even get a better understanding of how well a particular car will accommodate the type of car seats or boosters we need. has a super easy search bar, and certified child passenger safety technicians have conducted hands-on tests of a car’s Latch system.

Screenshot 2017-10-27 13.11.56With a common-sense grading system, and lots of photos that illustrate proper car seat installations, takes the guesswork out of car rentals.

So on our last visit to Texas, when the rental company surprise me with a last minute upgrade, plus we discovered my daughter no longer fit in the car seat they had for her, I was able fire up my phone and head to, check it all out, and get on the road without losing my mind.

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