Blind Bags and Collectables

There is something physically rewarding in opening a package, isn’t there? Blind bags and collectable packs offer the same satisfaction to children of all ages! These five collectables have an extra bonus level of sensory play. Any and all of these are great to have on hand for the next time you’re dining out or need to offer a reward.

Blind Bags & Collectables-2
6. FlipAZoo Mini Collectable Figures – These little toys pack twice the fun, as the can flip between two different animals. The action of the flipping the rubber piece can also be really satisfying.

7. FlipAZee Girls Mini Collectables – Much like their zoo friends, these small dolls have two ways to play. Not to be used as a fidget, per se, but they have a nice feel and require a little added dexterity.

8. Fash’ems and Mash’ems! These squishy collectables offer a fun feel, are perfect for stress reducers, and anti-anxiety fidgets (ours are often utilized when working on math homework). Of course they are great for every day play, and collecting. I also appreciate that when purchased as blind packs, they come in a two-piece capsule, which can be reused for additional play.

9. Surprizamals! Another adorable collectable that comes in a two-piece ball. Surprizamals are small stuffed toys. They have charming faces, a nice soft texture, and are small enough to carry around for any fidgety, cuddly emergency.

10. Abatons Animals – A new collectable just coming to market. Each pack will have 2 of these small totem-style pieces, as well as stickers. When placed on the top or bottom of each piece, the stickers transform each animal into a piece for mini games like Triple Domino and Bull’s Eye. (Look for them in Target stores!)

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