Diversions For Active Hands

Fidgets can be a very useful tool, and these days there are plenty to choose from. I have found there is call for both the simple, and the complex activities to be standing by for those with busy hands.

Diversions for Active Hands

1. Metal Chucks – Thumb Chucks from Zing’s EDP line  – Newest edition of Thumb Chucks now come in 4 metallic colors! Gold, Black, Bronze, and Silver. Soft to the touch and no LED light. Ages 5+ $7.99

2. Break Free  can be played as an individual challenge or as a game for up to 4 players. The object is to use a provided lock pick to navigate a maze hidden inside a handcuff lock. With 3 skill levels and a total of 12 different mazes, Break Free is fun for everyone. Available only at Target.  $19.99

3. The Fidget Cube – The simple, elegant original design that sold like hotcakes on Kickstarter. Light and small enough to carry everywhere, I love how it is diverting for user, but practically unnoticed by those around you. Now available in a variety of designs, includin a Marvel line! (Prices vary: Make sure you are buying the original Antsy Labs design made by ZURU.) Ages 3+

4. Tangle – Part puzzle, part fidget, part art form… Tangle is a loop, broken into segment, which can be twisted and turned at each joint. They satisfyingly snap apart, and can therefore be reconfigured to any size and color combo. There are textured options as well! Ages 4+ (small parts) $3.99

5. Plan Toys Balancing Cactus – From early learners to much older kids, this is one of those objects a child won’t outgrow. Lessons about balance, colors, stacking are all fundamental. Like all Play Toys, this cactus is made with sustainable wood and non-toxic dyes. If you have a child that can’t resist putting any and everything in their mouth, you understand how much of a relief that is. 3+ $27.49

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