Drama Free Dramatic Play

Playing dress-up and building play forts, the very basics of dramatic play. Having easy-to-assemble materials and fabrics that are non-irritating keep the drama llamas at bay.

15. Antsy Pants is a system for building forts, tents, playhouses, farm stands, etc that is as easy to take apart and put away as it is to put together. Kits range in size from small to large, with each set offering a variety of ways to build a framework. Covers are sold separately, and also come in a variety of themes, including options for “design your own” blank canvas covers that come with washable markers. Antsy Pants is only available at Target.

16. Little Adventures dress-ups – I’ve written about these wonderful costumes before. They are durable, washable, comfortable, affordable, all while being fantastic to look at.

17. Little Adventures Chair Covers – Washable, easy to use, folds compact for storage, and great for travel.  $35.99


Drama Free Dramatic Play 2017

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