Level Up the Tech Time

Most kids have mastered how to swipe a screen before they begin wiping anything at all. If your kiddo is longing for screen time, and you are longing to make tech time about learning, here’s a few of my favorites. Each of these toys transforms screen time into a multi-sensory STEM/STEAM activities.

Level Up the Tech Time

11. Zing #Stikbot Movie Set – Stikbots are easy-to-pose figures that have suction cup hands and feet, so they stick to almost any flat surface. Using the free Stikbot Studio app, kids can build a stop-motion animation film with music and sound effects, one photo at a time. The new movie sets provide a 3D environment and detailed accessories for the Stikbot stars. 4+ $19.99+

12. Cube-Tastic – Pai Technology has taken the puzzle cube to the next level. Not just because your child (or you) can use the free app to scan and solve even the most mixed up cube, although that super awesome and helps develop and maintain a variety of mental and physical skills. The Cube-tastic cube is itself a delight to hold and play with; the movement is smooth. The surface has a slight texture to it, the colored dots aren’t stickers, they are spherical raised pieces. In fact, every corner on the cubetastic is rounded. $19.99

13. Little Robot Friends – Maybe it’s because they sound and look a bit like R2-D2, but it was love at first sight when I met the Little Robot Friends. These adorable robot characters inspire children (and adults) to get creative with technology through 3 levels of coding. Using sensors to respond to touch, light, sound, and movement, the robots can be programmed with an infinite number of expressions from blinking lights to singing songs. 7+ $65.99

14. Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer – A  digital playhouse which uses an app paired with a set of 51 customizable & erasable flashcards to bring each child’s designs to life in a very unique physical and digital play experience. With the camera on a tablet, the app scan’s the flashcards and uses augmented reality (AR) technology to bring the pictures to life. It is a truly open-ended play experience, which can be individual or cooperational.

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