Strong Habits Built on Pure Fun

Building healthy habits takes time, and can be boring. Especially for kids, the more fun, the more likely they are to stick with it. These products all bring fresh perspective and a fun new spin.

Strong Habits Built on Pure Fun

28. Kudo Banz – Kudo Banz is easy-to-use and effective positive parenting tool meets wearable sticker chart meets collectable charm bracelet for kids 3-10 yrs old. It works with an app, but is designed to keep you from giving up your phone.  Be on the lookout for my full review in the coming days. $29.99

29. Snow Beast Comes to Play – This sweet and funny picture book from Phil Gosier asks the question, “How do you make friends if don’t know your own size, or if you are loud, large, and a little clumsy?” Maybe your child can relate to Snow Beast, who isn’t exactly sure how to go about making a friend. Maybe they will see themselves in Penny, who is a little nervous but curious, and kind. Great as a read-out-loud or for emerging readers.  $14.07

30. Monsters in the Night, penned by Kat Michels, has quickly become a favorite of my Rebels. Coupled with lovely illustrations from M. McCune, this charming book gives a new perspective on the monsters under their bed, which may be particularly helpful if you have super early risers (like mine.) Monsters in the Night also features an advanced vocabulary with a glossary in the back, with fantastic new words for your young readers.  $15.99 (You can also enter to win a copy from me.)

31. Pai-Band Kid’s Activity Tracker – comes with the FREE PaiParent app that provides parents with important information about their children’s daily habits and behaviors–monitor heart rate, track steps, monitor sleep patterns, and even set alarms to help keep activities organized. PaiBand is also equipped with motion-sensors that are used to encourage physical activity through interactive gameplay! Currently $49.99

32. Gululu water bottles – These 13.5 oz interactive water bottles make a game out of staying hydrated. If your child resists drinking water, this is a great way to get them interested with an interactive digital pet who is lives right there on the bottle! Kids earn jewels, unlock treasure chests, collect puzzle pieces, as they move through the levels of the game. Through a partnership with Generosity Org every purchase of a Gululu bottle, provides clean drinking water, for life, to one child in a developing country. Be on the lookout for my full review in the coming days. Currently $79.00

33. REMI from Urban Hello – You see the sweet sleepy face? That is one of the many features that makes REMI a must-have in my book. It’s a clock, and a baby monitor that grows with your child, using visual clues to aid in sleep training. It also stores and plays MP3s, and is Bluetooth enabled, so you can play audio from your phone. Be on the lookout for my full review in the coming days. $99.99

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