Too Cool For Toys

Too Cool for Toys

39 & 40 – Yvolution scooters: Do you know a child who loves to spin and bounce? What about one who is leery of swinging or climbing? All of those have to do with the vestibular system, which is centered in the inner ear and has to do with balance and movement.

39. Y-Flyer – The design blew me away the moment I saw it. How do I explain the unique forward motion on the Y Flyer? Imagine a step machine meets a bicycle, and then they decide to hang out with a scooter. The Y Flyer has a strong steel frame which is foldable for storage, and a handbrake for added control. Ages 7+, with a max weight of 150 lbs. $149.99

40. Yvolution Y Fliker – This 3 wheeled scooter isn’t propelled by pushing off the ground, but rather by shifting your hips side to side. With a weight limit of 175 lbs, this scooter is a dream for any kid, and would be positively therapeutic for those who have vestibular sensory differences. Ages 7+ $139.99

41. Bella Dahl – This brand has the softest, fluffiest, most comfortable fabrics and designs EVER. If you have a teen/young adult who is repelled by tags in clothes or other such sensory aversions, these beautiful pieces would make a very special gift.

42. Snuggle-Pedic Pillows – For well over a year, my son has been begging me for an ultra-lux pillow. It sounded like a dream pillow, honestly. But since my sensational son has always struggled with sleep, I was forever on the lookout for this perfect pillow. A pillow that will never go flat, and is made by a company that will customize the density of the pillow at no extra charge (they would even cover shipping for any adjustments needed!). The kind that has a combo of bamboo and shredded memory foam, cooling micro-vent technology on a zip-removable cover. Oh, and of course it would be fully machine washable. Turns out, this pillow does exist, and is made in Southern California, by a company called Relief-Mart.  I was so impressed, I got myself the queen-sized. And I swear, I haven’t woken with a headache in weeks. 

43. BOMBAS Socks. Is it strange to be in love with socks? Not if they are fluffy, well fitting, non-irritating, and keep your feet from being stinky. There is an amazing range of products from kids to adults, no-show socks to knee-highs, and even socks suited for winter sports. BONUS – For every pair purchased, BOMBAS donates a brand new pair of socks.

44. JORD watches – I sung the praises of these wooden watches not long ago, because I think they are beautiful. On top of the quality and beauty, my JORD is the most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn. It is lighter, and far less irritating than metal watches I’ve worn in the past.

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