Toys That Will Make Them Light Up

Toys that Will Make Them Light Up 2017

18. Tiny Wubble Brite – Wubbles are the amazing bubble balls, and I favor the small ones with the LED lights. So much sensory fun packed into a simple toy.

19. Playbrites – What would happen if you mixed a potato head with a light up toy? Playbrites. Each one lights up in six colors. There are a handful of different characters, all of which have mix and match accessories (eyes, ears, mouth/nose, and other fun animal parts), and those accessories are interchangeable with any Playbrite model. All 9 accessories store safely inside the egg-shaped unit, and it comes with an attachable carry handle. 3+ $24.99

20. Zing has a variety of LED Spinners in their EDP (Every Day Play) product line. The lights take the fidget spinners to a whole new level, as do the “double spin pins” that make stacking spinners easy and fun.

21. It’s easy, just catch the ball in the cup! The Zing Dama features multiple LED lights, and is a hybrid of yo-yo, KenDama, and the flair of all Zing’s EDP toys. $7.99

22. Electro Dough Kit from Tech Will Save Us – Using homemade (or store bought) dough to introduce basic ideas of how electricity and circuits works. Absolutely open-ended play. 4+ $29.99 (The set also serves as an introduction to Tech Will Save Us’ Dough Universe line, which is in pre-order on their website.) 

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