Holistically Speaking: Everything is Connected

Chaos. There’s a theory about that, you know. 

My phone buzzed with the news alert at the same time the elevator doors opened. 

I shooed my FrankenZombie and Elena of Avalor inside, waited to see which one would win the scramble to push the button, then pulled out my phone. 

A pickup truck had run over people in a bike lane downtown. Possible shots. 

Please, no children. 

I live in NYC and THAT was my only thought. I’ve gotten over being shocked by it all. 

In my gut I knew what I’ve known, every time, since a second airplane flew into a tower 16 years ago: Of course this was deliberate. 

I walked around the east side of Manhattan, letting my kids decipher a map of places to go trick-or-treat. I focused on creepy makeup and colorful costumes, giggles and squeals, the warm smiles and sparking eyes of adults who still love Halloween. 

I ignored my phone. 

We rejoiced in the terrors of a mechanical jumping spider, rather than worrying about what some big bad lone wolf had done just a few miles away, or why. 

Washing all the glitter and grease pant off my babes in the bath later, I felt relief. I’d heard New Yorkers were still heading to a well protected parade of Halloween spirit.

#NewYorkStrong? #NewYorkResilience.

I silently hoped my children would grow to be as resilient. It has never crossed my mind  they won’t need to be. Still, I prayed their worst dreams would be about imaginary creepy crawlers.

I knew my dreams would involve the horrors of real life: a pick-up truck deliberately careening into a school bus. 

Not that I could sleep so easily. 

My brain churrened with images from Toy Story of Terror and terror attacks, as unsettled as the red sauce, fun-sized chocolate, and boxed wine spinning in my stomach. 

I distracted myself by binge watching BBCA’s Dirk Gentry’s Holostic Dective Agency. 

Loosely based on a character created by one of my very favorite authors, Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently is a “holistic detective” who goes bumbling about connecting things that seem utterly random in a vague effort to solve a case. Then, rather like a constellation, these unseen dots suddenly illuminate a grand design. 


Everything is connected. 


7 thoughts on “Holistically Speaking: Everything is Connected

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  2. I still need to check out that Dirk Gentry series, I just haven’t got round to it yet. Also, you handled the situation in the best way that you could and with much resilience, fortitude and courage. As horrible as these things are they are still usually freak occurrences. There’s nothing you could have done regarding the situation and you spent quality time with your family keeping it away from them. Great opening and superb ending too.


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