Wonderful Wood Watches Stand the Test of Time

wooden watches stand the test of time

From furniture to salad bowls, sculpture to jewelry, there is something undeniably stunning about objects created in wood. The look of it, the texture, the lasting quality, the beauty of wood is timeless. 

Naturally, I was beyond intrigued by the opportunity to review a wood watch. Visiting the JORD website was love at first sight. Perhaps it more like a kid in a candy store, to be honest, because each exquisite of the watches had me drooling.

The quality and craftsmanship of JORD timepieces is obvious. What really stands out when shopping the various styles on www.woodwatches.com is the wealth of information provided about the variety of woods they use. Everything from where they source the wood and why, to the average height of the tree, and on to the color and grain.

If you are concerned with the sustainability of the woods used in your consumer goods, as so many of us are these days, JORD takes the guesswork out by providing information on the vulnerability of a given wood’s species.

Equally impressive: the small wooden cube my JORD watch arrived in. First, who doesn’t love a sweet wooden box? Nice enough to stay on display, the box now sits on my dresser ready for me tuck my watch in at the end of the day, complete with a fluffy pillow.

I’m so delighted with my watch, and I believe any of JORD’s timepieces will make beautiful gifts. Whether that gift is for someone special, or a special treat for yourself.

For a very limited time, JORD has agreed to offer all my readers $25 off their watch purchases! What’s better than that?!

How about ONE LUCKY person is going to win $100 off, free sizing, and free shipping?!! Visit this post on my Instagram (MotherOfSerendipity) for details on the coupon code, and to ENTER the GIVEAWAY!


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