Unique and Affordable: Amazing Gifts of Sustainable Wood

All year-long I’m on the lookout for stand out items that can become one-of-a-kind gifts. You know the kind: they make recipients feel extra special.

You might say it was truly serendipitous to have Plywerk, a company producing high quality, hand crafted, customizable photography prints on wood, reach out to me.

Photographs and handmade wooden objects often find their way onto my radar, but while I’ve seen other companies promote similar products, Plywerks got my attention because the wood prints they produce are hand-crafted in California and are eco-friendly.

What does Eco-Friendly even mean?

Well, in the case of Plywerk it means everything. From products made using sustainable woods to the print process using eco-friendly inks, from a building powered by solar energy to using shipping materials that are both biodegradable and recyclable, they really are greener than Green.

As remarkable as I find the company, I have to talk about these photos printed on wood, because they are truly impressive.

Ok, I know they are my snapshots, but I was stunned when they arrived…

Plywerk took two photos I shot on my iPhone 6 Plus and crafted each into an 8×10 work of art.

The first was a photo of a rose, which was printed onto paper and then mounted onto a bamboo plank. The second was a rain kissed purple flower (anyone know what this is called) which was directly printed onto a birch wood plank. The only option I didn’t explore was getting a bevel edge.

Once I decided on photos and production options, my photos were processed and I received an email proof. If there had been an issue with my image quality, or if something had looked off, that would have been the opportunity to make corrections.

It was just a week after I gave Plywerk the green light on my proofs when I got notified my wood prints were on their way!

Which one captures your imagination? The smooth luster of the mounted print of the rose, or the texture of the purple flower direct print on wood? 

Plywerk offers a wide range of sizes and other options beyond wall hangings, such as standing blocks, magnets, photo holders, even ornaments and holiday cards. Every time I check the site they are running a different promotion, often with price points starting as low as $10. 


Oh, Plywerk also offers gift wrap and direct shipping options, so… In little to no time you could knock off a huge chunk of that holiday gift list, or take care of a your MIL’s birthday present, without braving the malls or using a drop of gas.

Good for your pocketbook, good for the environment, an easy/speedy process, and a high quality hand crafted gift??? Seriously?! So MUCH Winning!

3 thoughts on “Unique and Affordable: Amazing Gifts of Sustainable Wood

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  2. I’ve never thought about getting prints on wood before. I like the idea of printing on wood, as even though I think the first one printed on paper is a sharper image, the purple flower directly on to the wood feels more organic. Definitely food for thought and something I will explore in the future next year when I get my hands on a new Smartphone to take some pictures 🙂


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