2017 Sensational Gift Guide for the Fidgety and Fickle

Cover Sensational Gifts for the Fidgety & Fickle 2017

I am so delighted to share the 2017 Sensational Gifts for the Fidgety & Fickle! 

“Sensory Processing” is the term used to describe how each of us uses all 8* of our senses to experience and interpret the world. (*That’s not a typo, there are more senses than you learned about in grade school.) Everyone has sensory needs, preferences, and aversions that are entirely their own.

If you love a child who has unique sensory preferences and tendencies, or who views the world from a unique perspective, you probably find yourself evaluating all the items that come into their world in light of that uniqueness. I see it all the time, a gift may be numerically age-appropriate, but in no way suited to your child’s sensory needs or their tendencies, aversions, etc.

With this in mind, Sensational Gifts for the Fidgety & Fickle launched last year as just a handful of items I was consistently recommending to friends. Encouraged by the wonderful response I received, I have expanded this year’s guide to include a broader range of items in a variety of categories.

This guide is curated to highlight products I personally consider suited for kids with sensory processing disorders (SPD), or who may live with ADD or ADHD. I’m not an OT, I’m just a mom of a sensational kiddo.  

Along with product information, I will be noting why each of these items has found their way into my guide. To ease navigation, I’ve got each page of the guide listed below. You’ll find the same list at the bottom of each page. Please don’t hesitate to comment and/or reply with questions.
Please note: I have received no compensation in exchange for these recommendations. All of the items found in my Sensational Guide for the Fidgety & Fickle have been selected based on my personal experience alone. I have spent the better part of the last 6 months attending toy shows and product showcases in an effort to get some hands on time with each of the items I’ve selected.

Mother of Serendipity is both an Amazon and a Target affiliate partner. Some affiliate links appear in my guide, and clicking on them to shop helps to support my coffee habit and pay for my subway rides to events. Not clicking on them, however, will in no way stop me from over-indulging in caffeine! 

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