Our Elf Changed Jobs: For The First Time It’s Actually Awesome

Sure, it was borderline trickster behavior, but I thought it was cute. My son, then 5, was thrilled Donnie had done something (anything) original. My daughter, who was just shy of her fourth birthday, was immediately pissed off.

I know, I was shocked too.


Reprise: Deck the Elves

I have found a way to make our Elf work for me, not cause me more work.

That, however, is a tale for tomorrow. Tonight, please join me in a reprise of Deck the Elves. 

Too Cool For Toys

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Diversions For Active Hands

Fidgets can be a very useful tool, and these days there are plenty to choose from. I have found there is call for both the simple, and the complex activities to be standing by for those with busy hands. 1. Metal Chucks – Thumb Chucks from Zing’s EDP line  – Newest edition of Thumb Chucks now come…