Not Personal? Like Hell. Bottom Line? So NOT Okay.

All of this happened on a playground, with my children under my feet, and dozens of other caregivers and kids standing witness, their jaws agape. Take it personally? You bet I will.


A Fan of Geeking Out: 10 Labels I Love

Labels are tricky, aren’t they?  geek-vs-nerd-know-the-difference via While none of us want to be reduced to some cookie-cutter category, we do want to be defined by our passions. We call ourselves “fans,” and revel in our collective geekiness. Because for better or worse, these labels are what help us form bonds with others and…

Clearly, I have but One Way to Answer

When in NYC – thou shalt not #fangirl.  Living in the Big Apple, I’m no stranger to celebrity sightings, not that I have pictures and autographs to prove it. Part of becoming a New Yorker is adhering to the unspoken rule against acknowledging any celebrity who is just trying to get on with daily life.    I’ve bumped into Phil…