Looking for Family Fun and Adventure of Historic Proportions?

Given my childhood as Coast Guard officer’s kid, I don’t know why I hadn’t discovered Tuckerton Seaport and Museum before now. Thanks to Joey and the gals at Reality Moms, I’ve not only been introduced to the 40 acres of sustainable living museum on the Jersey Shore, I’ve become slightly giddy to begin exploring Barnegat Bay.


Inspiring Serendipity: a How To List

I’ve mentioned this a time or two before, but music has always been my first love.  Not that I’m musically inclined, mind you. My memories have nevertheless always seemed inseparable from the soundtrack. At this point, I could ramble on in 20 directions – each path a song, each inspiring another story, or chapter, or…

The Shy Poet & Unexpected Treasures

What follows is the twisted tale of how my photographs came to be published in a best selling poetry book. If you find this to be far-fetched and completely random, well, I would wholeheartedly agree with you. It is, nonetheless, entirely true.   Like all good stories, we must begin with a prologue:   Not…