Drama Free Dramatic Play

Playing dress-up and building play forts, the very basics of dramatic play. Having easy-to-assemble materials and fabrics that are non-irritating keep the drama llamas at bay. 15. Antsy Pants is a system for building forts, tents, playhouses, farm stands, etc that is as easy to take apart and put away as it is to put…

Blind Bags and Collectables

There is something physically rewarding in opening a package, isn’t there? Blind bags and collectable packs offer the same satisfaction to children of all ages! These five collectables have an extra bonus level of sensory play. Any and all of these are great to have on hand for the next time you’re dining out or need…

New Hamsters in a House Unlock a Fun Frenzy

If the kids’ captivation was to be expected, was rather delightful was how much I enjoyed playing with the Hamsters in the recent “Food Frenzy Series 2” release.
From the very first moment I saw them zooming on the little motorized bristles they made me giggle. (Not just because they tickle your hand if you hold them.)