Shifting Perspectives on Spring Break

One thousand words
Perspective shuffles, per photo
New images appear.
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#SpringBreak #NYC

Word. Peace Out, Pops. 

My father HATES snakes. Rather like Indiana Jones hates snakes, only more vehemently. When I was little, a black snake got into our farm house. I vividly recall his unrelenting flow of profanity as my dad chased it around the first floor, while my mom, brother, and I looked down from the upstairs hall. Without going into gory details, the snake…

Inspiring Serendipity: a How To List

I’ve mentioned this a time or two before, but music has always been my first love.  Not that I’m musically inclined, mind you. My memories have nevertheless always seemed inseparable from the soundtrack. At this point, I could ramble on in 20 directions – each path a song, each inspiring another story, or chapter, or…

A Fan of Geeking Out: 10 Labels I Love

Labels are tricky, aren’t they?  geek-vs-nerd-know-the-difference via While none of us want to be reduced to some cookie-cutter category, we do want to be defined by our passions. We call ourselves “fans,” and revel in our collective geekiness. Because for better or worse, these labels are what help us form bonds with others and…