This Year of Firsts

Each first reopens the wound. It might be picking at the edges of the scab; just enough to satisfy the itch and prickle the nerves, or it to rip it right off entirely exposing the raw new flesh encircling the deep gaping hole in the middle.

New Hamsters in a House Unlock a Fun Frenzy

If the kids’ captivation was to be expected, was rather delightful was how much I enjoyed playing with the Hamsters in the recent “Food Frenzy Series 2” release.
From the very first moment I saw them zooming on the little motorized bristles they made me giggle. (Not just because they tickle your hand if you hold them.) 

Things I Learned From My Mom

This post first appeared on my MySpace page back in June of 2007 under the title “Things Mom Taught Me”.  It was one of two posts I wrote to honor my mom on the third anniversary of her death. Some of these pearls were passed along as advice. Most are just the kernels I gleaned…