New Hamsters in a House Unlock a Fun Frenzy

If the kids’ captivation was to be expected, was rather delightful was how much I enjoyed playing with the Hamsters in the recent “Food Frenzy Series 2” release.
From the very first moment I saw them zooming on the little motorized bristles they made me giggle. (Not just because they tickle your hand if you hold them.) 


Good News/Bad News

So… it’s been a Good News/Bad News kind of a day in Toddlerville. Good News: #Frankenfoot got her stitches out & that means I’m just a day or so away from a full on proper shower (with Hubs standing by)! Everything is healing really well & the x-rays look super good. Bad News: Because everything…

Here’s Looking at You Kiddo

My friend Amy had her baby! A few weeks ago I shared my wishes for her & all new moms in a Wishing Well for Amy. Now that her preciously little one is here, I thought I’d follow up with these wishes I wrote for the baby. As it happens, they are the same ones I…

Lost Fox Hunting

Alright, I’m a military brat. We fall into 2 categories – the ones that care about having stuff, and the ones that don’t. For me, all my things make me feel at home, even when I know its just stuff. I’m the creepy Junk Lady muppet at the end of Labyrinth. Seriously, I’m practically a…