Wonderful Wood Watches Stand the Test of Time

The quality and craftsmanship of JORD timepieces is obvious. What stands out when shopping their site is the wealth of information provided about the variety of woods they use.


How Cars.com Gives This Mom Peace of Mind

This is why Cars.com has become an amazing resource for our family.
I research different types of cars before I decide what rental to book, and by visiting Cars.com Car Seat Check I can even get a better understanding of how well a particular car will accommodate the type of car seats/ boosters we need.

New Hamsters in a House Unlock a Fun Frenzy

If the kids’ captivation was to be expected, was rather delightful was how much I enjoyed playing with the Hamsters in the recent “Food Frenzy Series 2” release.
From the very first moment I saw them zooming on the little motorized bristles they made me giggle. (Not just because they tickle your hand if you hold them.)