Does a Clock Worry When it’s Time to Unwind?

Motherhood clockworks: the balanced pendulum swings  in constant motion.  Tug the weights too much – pendulum energy shifts –  wrecking ball mood swings.      Inspired by all the mothers we celebrate this month, the amazing women of Mommitment, as well as this week’s prompt from Haiku Horizons.  Advertisements

Resolve or Evolve, THAT is the Question

Time really does accelerate the older you get, doesn’t it? Because, seriously, 2014?!!? I’d swear it was just 2004 last year.  For our family 2013 was a year of significant change. Although, to be honest the last 5 years has been full of changes for me. Whether they be new relationships, babies, offices, homes, jobs, classes, teeth,…