Ode to a New York Classic

a touch of mayo

tucked in a Portuguese roll

hugging grilled chicken

hot roasted peppers

slipped on top mozzarella

Melted. Juicy. Yum.


img_4500Happy National Sandwich Day!

This days has to do with celebrating convenience food, and #OnFridaysWeHaiku, so I must ask you: What else could I do?  

If you were looking to make this delightful sandwich for yourself, you will need: 

  • chicken breast filets, sliced or pounded thin
  • jarred roasted peppers (fresh peppers can be substituted once grilled or sautéed, of course)
  • mozzarella cheese, I usually use shredded
  • Portuguese rolls –> substitute if you must, but these are really the best texture
  • Adobo seasoning, or salt & pepper
  • mayonaise

Maybe it isn’t much to look at, but seriously…                Best. Sandwich. Ever.

It’s rather self-explanatory, but if you need the method to this sandwich madness:

  1. Season one side of chicken and place on hot grill pan, then season the other side
  2. remove peppers from the jar, place on another part of the grill or in a separate pan
  3. warm rolls, but do not split them
  4. sprinkle mozzarella on top of the peppers
  5. once the chicken in cooked, remove rolls from warmer, split open, and smear a touch of mayo
  6. I prefer these open-faced, so top each side of the roll with a slice of chicken, maybe another sprinkle of cheese, and flip one of the cheese-covered peppers on top.
  7. serve with chips, a side salad, or enjoy all on its own



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